30 Minutes Recipes

These quick and easy recipes are made in 30 minutes or less. Who says eating good food requires spending many hours in the kitchen? I know from experience how challenging and hectic life can be. Here you’ll find fuss-free ideas for an easy dinner or a satisfying breakfast or lunch :)


30 Minutes Recipes

Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe

    What do you make for an unexpected crowd for breakfast? Pancakes on a sheet pan! No more making the pancakes in batches, which causes the first pancakes to get cold while everyone else is waiting for theirs. Wake up the whole family to these easy sheet pan pancakes! […]

Simple Tomatillo Salsa Verde
30 Minutes Recipes, Vegetarian

Simple Tomatillo Salsa Verde

This green salsa made with tomatillos tastes great and is the perfect topping for tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas. It’s fresh, it’s tangy, and it’s creamy. It balances the flavors of this Garlic Habanero Shrimp Fajita. What are Tomatillos? Tomatillos are available throughout the year, mostly in Latin American markets. Tomatillos, […]

30 Minutes Recipes

Pumpkin Pancakes

These Pumpkin Pancakes are the perfect breakfast to start your day with. They came out fluffy and delicious! These Pumpkin Pancakes are made with a combination of simple ingredients that celebrates the Fall season and gives breakfast time a touch of warmth and satisfaction. I have to mention the aroma […]

30 Minutes Recipes

Low -Carb keto Pancakes

What’s for breakfast today? These low-carb pancakes that taste delicious! These are quick to make and even quicker to make disappear. I have always been a fan of eating pancakes for breakfast, they are easy to make and very satisfying. Almond flour is a great alternative for those that follow […]

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Low- Carb Bacon Egg and Portobello Recipe

Bacon Egg and Portobello Mushroom. Low-carb ✅ Keto-friendly✅ Healthy✅Delicious✅ These stuffed mushrooms pretty much check all the boxes to a great breakfast option. These can also be served at brunch. Bacon Egg and Portobello Mushroom- the perfect combination for an earthy, healthy, and delicious breakfast. Bacon and eggs are two of […]