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30 Minutes Recipes or Less

Low -Carb keto Pancakes

What’s for breakfast today? These low-carb pancakes that taste delicious! These are quick to make and even quicker to make disappear. I have always been a fan of eating pancakes for breakfast, they are easy to make and very satisfying. Almond flour is a great alternative for those that follow […]

Low-carb-Cauliflower Mashed

Best Low-Carb Mashed Cauliflower

Are you looking for a low-carb, Keto, and Paleo-friendly side dish recipe? This Low-Carb Mashed Cauliflower has the same perfect thickness and creamy consistency as mashed potatoes. It will not disappoint you. This Low-Carb Mashed Cauliflower it’s just creamy perfection!  Some people might indeed be a little skeptical about eating […]